Las Vegas, like any large city is faced with many challenges, and now I feel it's time for new blood to step up and confront those challenges. We are experiencing constant growing pains, where crime rates are increasing, the housing market is still in transition, and the educational system is frankly – broken. I am entering the Ward 6 city Council race as a fresh and laser focused candidate willing to take on the issues that challenge us.

Other well-meaning people running for the City Council may have more political experience than me, however with over 35 years in the area of technology, I doubt that anyone is more experienced in solving complex, unique and diverse problems as I am.

I am running not as a legacy, political office climber or for personal enrichment. I am running for selfish reasons, I want to make the community that I live in BETTER.

I want to be the voice of the people, a spokesperson for all citizens in my community. Over the years, I have grown frustrated by politicians with their own hidden agendas adopting laws and regulations that is not beneficial to the people that they swore as an elected official to represent.
The origin of the word “politics” is “for the citizen”, it's about time that we return to that definition.

  • I promise to be always open and available to all citizens. You can connect me by phone, e-mail or in person and I will address your concerns. You may not necessarily always like my answer but you will get an answer
  • I promise I will listen to you, your vote and your voice matters. I want and welcome feedback because everyone should have an opinion in decisions that affects their lives.
  • I promise I will fight for safe streets and neighborhoods; an improved economy including better paying jobs and improving property values. Most importantly, I intend to be a strong advocate for better education.

Finally I promise not to play any political games. It doesn't matter if you're Democrat, Republican or from the planet Mars, if elected my voting record on the city Council will show that I believe everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect. Laws and regulations should not benefit one group of people at the expense of the other.

I would be honored to have your vote.