Supporting Families

Many families will face difficulties at some time and some have complex needs. Family support is a way of working with families so they can better manage problems that they are experiencing.

  • I will work to ensure families have access to childcare during all hours of the day and night to support our 24/7 city.
  • I will work to increase recreational opportunities within our community that should include after school programs with sports and the arts.
  • I will work to increase social services to reduce hunger and homeless for working families.
  • I will work to expand social programs for victims of domestic violence.
  • I support an increased state minimum wage.
  • I support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
  • I support protecting the environment for future generations with a green-powered Nevada, and protection/expansion of park space.

The role of the family is the foundation of our society, we should strive to support our neighbors in their time of need, so that they will be available to help us in our times of need.